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Mykal is my nephew (my oldest brother's son) and so much more. Many people at our courthouse assume he is my son. He and his toddler, Ili, are the lone heirs to carry the Fox family name into the future. He is also the lovable cousin to my daughter, Shaunn. Mykal worked as my paralegal for 5 years as a University of Texas undergraduate. In 2008, he went off to law school in his hometown of Houston, where he ranked fourth in his graduating class and made the prestigious Law Review. 

He has had his own solo practice of criminal law in the downtown office building that I've owned since 1990. He started there in 2011. His abilities, energy, honesty, and integrity are obvious and impressive.


Jessica graduated with honors from the University of Texas before going on to do the same at the UT School of Law. Like Mykal, she was licensed to practice law in the State of Texas in 2011. Her practice consists of exclusively criminal law. Jessica interned as a prosecutor at the state and federal level as well as with the Houston Police Department Crime Lab. Ms. Bernstein, as people call her at the courthouse, is smart, caring, and competent. She is an excellent problem solver and does so with considerable skills, conviction, and compassion.

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